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At Tail Feathers Brisbane, we specialize in breeding and raising parrots and poultry. We understand that parrots and poultry are sensitive creatures and require proper care and attention, which is why we put great emphasis on sharing our knowledge with our customers.

We believe that our years of experience in parrot and poultry care and breeding can be put to good use to help others keep their birds healthy and thriving. We are committed to providing our customers with the best information and advice so they can make informed decisions when it comes to their birds.


Bringing Home the Love with Tail Feathers Brisbane

Tail Feathers Brisbane is a small family business that is passionate about quality not quantity. We specialise in heritage and rare breed poultry, as well as hand-raised and parent-raised parrots. We make sure to provide the highest quality of health, nutrition, and enrichment for each and every bird we breed. Our attention to detail ensures that our birds are healthy, happy, and ready to become part of your flock. 

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