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White Bellied Caiques


If you want a bird that is beautiful, intelligent, active, and very entertaining, a caique (pronounced kai-eke) may be the bird for you. These lively parrots pack a lot of personality into a tiny bundle of feathers and they're known to be the clowns of the bird world. Caiques have easily made a place for themselves in the homes and hearts of countless bird enthusiasts.

Caiques are known for the strong bonds that they can form with humans. If you're looking for a new best friend, this may be the species for you. They love to show off and are not called the "dancing parrot" for nothing. Quick learners, they're adept at picking up fun tricks that play into their personalities.

Caiques are playful, comical little birds who enjoy activities and the opportunity to explore. Always on the move, they're one of the most energetic parrots and quite curious, so they can create a bit of mischief. These birds can also become cranky at times and can nip or, in the least, find ways to use their beak when interacting with people.


Some caiques may learn to speak a few words, but most prefer to stick to "bird speak." You'll enjoy their whistles and songs as well as the environmental sounds they mimic. Though they can get loud, they're generally known for a moderate noise level in comparison to other parrots.

Caiques usually do well alone or in pairs, but be careful not to cage a caique with a bird of another species. They can become aggressive and deliver surprisingly harsh bites.

Caiques are active little birds and are unique in the fact that they seem to prefer to walk more often than fly. A caique should be given a minimum of one hour outside the cage each day to hop around, exercise his strong leg muscles, and do a bit of supervised exploring.


Care must be taken to provide a caique with plenty of toys so he can exercise his beak. This play also helps wear down his beak which helps keep it in good shape. Branches and toys should be rotated regularly as they become worn out and it may take some time to find your bird's favorite toys. They can be rather finicky and stubborn about their things.

Caiques enjoy floor time. You will enjoy watching them on the floor or any large flat surface because they have a unique "hop" that is charming and endearing. They appear to be a windup tin toy that hops along in a very amusing way. 

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