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Our focus has always been on quality not quantity. For poultry this means we will be offering fertile eggs only at this stage. Late winter and spring is when we expect to have all our varieties available. Our birds do compete at shows during April to August so availability will be reduced during these months. We will be hatching and growing out birds but we won’t have sexed birds until the end of the year and early into the next. We will advise of the availability via our social media so make sure you’re following us.

Fertile eggs are posted on Mondays and Tuesdays in Eggsafe Foam Packaging, we recommend selecting “Express Postage” so that your eggs arrive as soon as possible. Once handed over to Australia Post, handling is outside of our control (and we cannot guarantee their viability).  


If you are interested in joining our wait lists (for any of our birds/ eggs)  please select the "Notify me when available" icon from the below collections. You will receive automated notifications when we have what your looking for ready for purchase. Please note that if you miss out or are not ready to purchase at the time we have availability you can re-register to be notified on the next round. 




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The Hen Health Bar

Our feed philosophy is pretty simple. Keep it simple, keep it real and keep it as natural as possible. Whilst we by no means have developed the perfect Organic, non GMO, Vegan, Coeliac, dairy free, wheat free, peanut free, joy free etc etc ( you catch our drift right…). We do feed real whole grain foods that are sourced locally. On top of that we have developed our own blends. We feed our own birds these products and we are now offering them to you.


We expect to hand raise Amazons and White Bellied Caiques, but all other varieties will be parent raised. In the past we have raised a large variety of parrots, however our personal ‘real world’ jobs are taking more time now, any other varieties will be notified via social media.

Our parrots usually start to breed in the late autumn into spring and clutch sizes are limited. All our birds are handled by adults of both sexes and children.  We are private breeders and everything we do is done from our home. We are not “Open to the Public” and all collections need to be made via appointment only.  

Love Our Locals 

Supporting our local, family run businesses is something that is close to our hearts. We would love to invite you to support these businesses too.

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More and more 'pet parents' are realising that using antibiotics may be harming their animals, especially the unwanted side effects of killing off the much needed helpful gut bacteria, which colloidal silver doesn't do.

People are now discovering that using colloidal silver for dogs & cats including birds, horses all other pets is a wonderful holistic, safe, natural alternative.

CS has been known to help with almost all categories of animal ailments because it works on underlying pathogens and boosts immunity.

After over 50 years experience in exhibition poultry and using every chook feed on the market 'Fancier's Feed' was developed so everyone can have access to an affordable feed to the highest standard, be it backyard fowl, breeding or exhibition poultry.

After working with a small boutique mill in Laidley we've created premium poultry and stock feed with no wastage and all the nutrition needed for top quality fowl and farm animals.

* Premium Poultry and Stock Feeds

* Small Batch Quantity 

* Delivered to your Door