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Keeping chickens is a great way to turn waste into food, entertain yourself (and your kids), and they increase the nutrients and health of your soil while eating bugs, insects and sometimes mice. 

Keeping chickens is easy with the right setup, equipment and knowledge. Always check your local library, bookstore or online for in-depth guides to keeping poultry, and care for them well. Check any legal issues/requirements.

Prior to setting up your chicken coop and getting started, check with your local council as to any local laws about keeping poultry. In general,
the following will apply:

  • Roosters are prohibited (in urban areas) – Crowing early in the morning is rarely appreciated by sleeping neighbours.

  • Limit of up to 5 poultry birds (depending on council and land size.

  • Care for the Chickens – You need to ensure that the animals have easy access to food and clean water, and can move freely around the enclosure.



From Bantams to Brahmas. These birds make wonderful back yard additions. We have selected breeds with temperament and appearance in mind. Whether you have a large property or a small urban backyard there is a chook to suit your needs. 

Cayuga Ducks

The Cayuga Duck is a gorgeous backyard duck that has been reared all over the world for its fine meat and its egg laying ability. These ducks are a pleasure to have as pets thanks to their calm nature. Since these ducks are not noisy either, they make great pets!

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