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Our Cayuga

From the middle of the 19th century, the Cayuga Cayuga Duck has been a popular breed in the United States. It is bred for meat and eggs in addition to being an attractive duck.

The Finger Lakes region of New York State, where the breed gained popularity, features a lake by the name of Cayuga Lake.

The Cayuga is distinguished by its black bill and black plumage, which, in the right light, appears to be an iridescent beetle green. An emphasis is placed on proper colour, carriage, and type in breeding.

The Cayuga is a placid breed that prefers to stay in its own territory. They are ideal for smaller properties since they are not as noisy as some other duck breeds.



Carriage: lively, clear of the ground from breast to stern.

Type: Body long, broad and deep. Breast prominent, keel well forward and forming a straight underline from stern to stern. Tail carried well out and closely folded, the drake's having two or three well-curled feathers in the centre.

Head: large.

Bill: long, wide, and flat, well set in a straight line from the tip of the eye. 

Eyes: full.

Neck: long and tapering, and with a graceful curve.

Legs: large and strong boned, placed midway in the body, giving the bird a carriage similar to that of the Rouen.

Feet: straight and webbed. Toes straight, connected by web.

Plumage: bright and glossy.


Plumage of both sexes a very lustrous green-black, free from purple or white, the whole of the back and upper part of wings, the breast, and underparts of body deep black, the wings naturally more lustrous than the rest of the body plumage; a brown or purple tinge is objectionable, although not a disqualification.

Bill: slate-black, with a dense black saddle in the centre, but not touching the sides or coming within an inch of the end, the bean black.

Eyes: black.

Legs and webs: as dark as possible, some dull orange-brown permissible.


Serious Defects

  • Red or white feathers (it should be noted here that the cayuga especially the hens will gain white feathers with age - approx 12 to 18 months onwards);

  • Orange or yellow coloured bill (see image below);

  • Dished bill;

  • Any deformity.

Our Focus

The Cayuga is a relatively new breed to Australia and the overall quality (and purity) of the species can be quite diverse. It is a rare breed that deserves respect and conservation. Our focus in the past has been to improve the colour (glossy black with beetle green sheen - not purple), dark legs and bills particularly in the drakes. Our focus is now to improve the size of the birds while maintaining the integrity of the work we have already done. 

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