Welsh Harlequin

The bird has similar conformation to the Campbell, namely streamlined in shape with a relatively long body, a medium-width back, a rounded chest, wide-spaced legs with a moderately full abdomen, and an oval head with a medium-long straight, or slightly concave, bill. The medium-length neck is held nearly vertically. The body is held 20–35 degrees from horizontal as befits a good forager.

The male has Mallard-like plumage: a dark head with a green sheen, a white collar, and chestnut shoulders breaking into a white frosted pattern over the back, wings, and down to a cream-white breast. The tail is black and bronze. The female has a cream head with fawn stipples, lacking eye-stripes. Her body, wings and tail are creamy-white with frosted brown and fawn markings.

The other reason people like the Welsh Harlequins is for their personality. Many say they’re great backyard pets because they’re calm, inquisitive, and don’t run away when humans are nearby.

The ducks are also pretty. Their colors are categorized as either “gold phase” or “silver phase,” and vary in feather colors and patterns. Hens don’t reach their full color potential until they’re two-years old.

Welsh Harlequins are excellent foragers and love to dine on bugs and pasture greens.

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