Swedish Blue

The Blue Swedish (or Swedish Blue) is an attractive dual-purpose duck breed that makes a perfect addition to any homestead, hobby farm, or backyard flock. It is a beautiful bird and has a striking appearance with wonderful black heads, white bibs and a lovely light blue body. Their body is similar to the Pekin duck. Their white colored bibs run from under the bill halfway down the breast. Swedish Blue ducks are very calm and friendly birds, and they are one of the heartiest of all the duck breeds.

They are considered as excellent ducks for the beginners. They are suitable for both meat and eggs production. Ducks will lay about 100-150 per year. As it is a medium sized duck that is an excellent forager it is a low maintenance breed. Easy to feed with a good disposition and full of quirky antics. The Swedish Blue with it’s beautiful feathering, calm, friendly even temperament that does mind being handled is a great starter duck. It is also a good duck to have around children as it is really easy to handle and quite docile. Only Blue Swedish ducks are used for exhibition purposes, but they do not breed true. In other words, when a blue drake and a blue duck mate, only 50% of the offspring will be blue. Of the other half, 25% will be black and 25% will be splashed.

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