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St Thomas Conure

One of the rarer conures in the pet parrot world, St Thomas Conure is incredibly charming and makes a wonderful pet. With cute looks, a friendly and goofy personality, they never fail to entertain or put a smile on your face. Being very social birds, they will often make a strong bond with their owners and will require plenty of playtime and interaction. But besides this, they are a low maintenance bird and as such, a good choice for beginner owners and all those looking for a friendly and loving pet parrot. The popularity of these parrots is the proof of their lovable traits.


Their physical appearance doesn’t differ too much from most conure breeds, but their unique color patterns and appearance in flight, certainly make them stand out. The adults reach an average length of 10 inches (25 centimeters) and weigh around 4 oz (100 grams). These birds might not be among the biggest breeds out there, but they certainly have plenty of energy. They will need a fairly big cage adequate for their size, and enough space for movement and exercise. You should regularly offer them a chance to tour the house and move outside of the cage. They can be quite the explorer, though, so be on the lookout.


There is a noticeable difference in levels of noise with St Thomas Conure when compared to the more popular Sun conure and Nanday conure. They are still vocal, but much less than the latter two, which makes them much more tolerable as apartment pets. They have cute voices and melodious natural calls which can be heard from time to time. The only time when noise can get out of hand is when the parrot is neglected, bored and lonesome. But in general, this is an apartment-friendly parrot and makes for a great pet.


One of the friendliest pet parrots, St Thomas Conure has a loving, fun personality. Their energy gives them a tendency to goof off and be a bit of a clown, so you can always expect new tricks and new improvised toys. But still, some of their favorite things are cuddles and scratches- they are truly affectionate. You will also be charmed by their little feet, the silly way they walk. and the hilarious behavior. St Thomas Conure is a great pet for most people- from families to seniors and singles, everyone can appreciate the sweet and entertaining nature of this pet bird.

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