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Ancona ducks are a domestic breed known for their distinctive mottled or spotted plumage.

They are medium-sized ducks with sturdy bodies. Anconas are prized for their excellent egg-laying capabilities, producing large white eggs prolifically throughout the year. They are also valued for their adaptability to various climates and friendly, docile temperament, making them suitable for backyard or small-scale farming operations.

Ancona ducks are characterized by their energetic foraging behavior and make delightful additions to any flock with their striking appearance and reliable egg production.

Sex Linked Breeding:

The Chocolate variety is a sex-linked recessive trait, meaning the gene for chocolate feathers is located on the sex chromosome. If a chocolate drake (male duck) mates with a black duck, all female offspring will be chocolate, and all male offspring will be black. This is because the female offspring receive the chocolate gene from their father and a black gene from their mother. The male offspring receive a black gene from both parents.

Our sex linked breeding pen consists of a chocolate drake and black ducks. If you’re in a situation where you only want female ducks or just want to know early on whether you’ve got ducks or drakes this could be an option for you.

Sex Linked Ancona Ducks

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