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The "Itty Bitty Bantam Committee" dozen fertile eggs offers a delightful assortment of small and charming bantam breeds.

This special collection includes Barbu d'Anvers, known for their compact size, distinctive beard, and friendly demeanor. The Barbu d'Uccles, with their exquisite feather patterns and adorable appearance, add a touch of elegance to any flock.

Additionally, Sebrights, prized for their stunning silver and laced plumage, bring ornamental beauty and spirited personalities to the mix.

Each breed in this assortment contributes its own unique characteristics, from compact size to striking plumage, making the "Itty Bitty Bantam Committee" ideal for those seeking a diverse and charming flock of bantam chickens. Whether for exhibition, ornamental purposes, or simply as delightful backyard companions, these fertile eggs promise to hatch a flock full of personality and charm.

Itty bitty bantam committee

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