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The "Hatch the Rainbow" dozen fertile eggs offers a diverse selection of breeds, promising a vibrant array of colors and characteristics to hatch.

This special assortment that can included pure French Wheaten Marans, known for their rich, chocolate-brown eggs, as well as Blue and Black Copper Marans, prized for their deep, dark brown eggshells with a hint of copper. Additionally, the pack features Cream Legbars, celebrated for their sky-blue eggs, Araucanas, renowned for their beautiful blue, green, and occasionally pink eggs, and Olive Eggers, which produce unique olive-colored eggs. Each pack will depend on availability at the time.

Each breed contributes its own distinct qualities, from egg color to temperament, ensuring a delightful and colorful flock for poultry enthusiasts and hatchers alike. Whether for egg production or simply to add variety to a backyard flock, the "Hatch the Rainbow" dozen fertile eggs promises an exciting and diverse hatching experience.

Hatch the Rainbow

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