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Buff Orpington Ducks are a gentle, attractive and docile duck. They lay around 220 eggs a year and make beautiful additions to any yard or pond.

These ducks are a rare and threatened breed and are not often available. They are fantastic additions to any garden or orchard as they make for great insect, snail and slug assassins.

The “buff” colouration is a result of a copy of the “blue” gene. This gene is considered unstable and as a result three colour variations are produced. These are brown, buff and blonde. The Buff is the only colour accepted by the Australian Poultry Standards. This buff colour can also fade if the birds are exposed to full sun. It’s best to keep them in the shade prior to showing.

The colour variations can be identified as day olds:

Buff – Soft olive yellow down.

Blonde – Pale yellow down with yellow bill.

Brown – Brownish down with dark brown bill and legs.

(A.F.M Stephenson 1926)

Buff Orpington Ducks

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