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Peach Fronted Conure

With their lovely, cute looks and lively personality, the Peach Fronted conure is a loved breed of pet parrots. They are also one of the smaller conures, and their beauty has charmed many owners around the world. They are not as widespread as some other closely related breeds, but they are nonetheless a great companion parrot, thanks to their great traits and a friendly, energetic nature. That’s why they are considered as one of the best representatives of the conure family of parrots.


These lively conures are largely balanced when it comes to their aspects as pets. One of these is their noise potential. While they are not so good at talking like some other conures, they are also not that loud. They do like to notify you of certain things and strange people, and they do this with a loud, high pitched call. Other than that, the noise levels are tolerable and this conure might be even considered as an apartment pet. There is a lot to be said about the wonderful nature of Peach Fronted conures. These friendly and lively birds are a lot of fun. Being around them guarantees a lot of playing, cuddling, and affection. They have a big tendency to bond with their owner when kept singly, but once a mate is introduced they will not pay a lot of attention to their owner. They also like to occupy their time playing with toys, which will also prevent them from chewing on household items. All in all, these conures are a wonderful pet parrot, with a lot of friendly traits that will make them loved by the entire family. And if you’re single and looking for an affectionate little friend – then the Peach Fronted conure is just the friend you need!

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