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Nanday Conure

Nanday conures are beautiful members of the conure family found in South America with feral populations in the US and Israel. They are jovial and good-natured birds ideal as a family pet, but their boisterousness makes it unsuitable as an apartment bird unless you have soundproofed its room. They are very outgoing and fun to be around because of their clown-like personality, an example of which is their tendency to fall asleep on their backs with their feet up in the air, a scene that can be quite perplexing the first time you see it. They have a fairly wellmimicking ability and can learn to talk reasonably well with proper training.Since they're highly intelligent, black-hooded parakeets require a fair amount of socialization and mental stimulation. Owners should plan to spend a few hours every day interacting with their bird because it will need sufficient time outside its cage.


Nandays require a 3-foot-tall large cage which allows them to fly. If they have a larger cage, they can exercise when they are confined. At a minimum, a cage that is 20 inches square and 36 inches high is recommended, though larger is better because this bird really needs to stretch its wings.

They also enjoy bathing regularly. Your bird will be delighted if you leave a dish of water in its cage. Many owners say that a pie dish is a perfect size.

These birds do very well with multiple people and strangers. Introduce them early to new faces, and they will be very social with anyone who walks into your home.

Since they are so intelligent, they require adequate mental stimulation as well. These birds need plenty of toys to keep them occupied. They like to chew, so be sure to have a good stock available when one gets used up.

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