Moustache Parrots

A beautiful parrot, the moustached parakeet is named for its distinctive feathers above the beak that looks like a well-groomed mustache. This bird makes a great pet and has a sweet, outgoing personality that bird lovers enjoy. If you're looking for a small parrot that is prone to talking and perching on your shoulder, it's definitely a species to consider.

Common Names 

Moustached Parakeet, Mustached Parakeet, Java Parakeet, Red-Breasted Parakeet These birds are often referred to as the best kept secrets of the parrot world. They have sweet personalities and make wonderful pets. It is best to purchase a young Moustache Parakeet and it should be weaned before bringing home. These colorful parrots are very active and love to explore their environment. For this reason, they should be given lots of toys to stimulate them throughout the day. Though these parrots are on the smaller side, they enjoy toys made from leather, wood, and beads.

While all parrots will make a certain amount of noise, moustached parakeets have been described as one of the quieter species in terms of screaming and squawking. Many owners report that the birds would much rather talk or whistle pleasantly than bellow the ear-piercing screams that hookbills are so famous for. For this reason, a moustached parakeet may be a good choice for those who want a parrot but would prefer a quieter bird.

It’s important the owner know these birds are not very cuddly; however, there are exceptions to every rule. Being stroked in the direction that their feathers grow seems to be enjoyed, especially around the neck area.The more these parrots are handled and touched, the more they appear to enjoy it.

Most owners enjoy having these birds perched on their shoulders. Moustached Parakeets are curious by nature. They will always try to climb down and investigate anything their owners are doing such as reading, cooking, or household work.

Like most Asiatic parrots, these parrots are gifted at talking. The males seem to be more gifted than the females but both can learn to talk. It’s important that these parrots not  be purchased solely on their reputation for being great talkers because not all birds will learn to talk and then the owner may be disappointed.

Respectively speaking, Asiatic parrots are quieter in general when it comes to parrots. For this reason, a pet Mustache Parakeet might go unnoticed in a townhouse or apartment. However, these birds can be expected to make contact calls every morning, noon, and night. If the parrot is a talker, most will substitute a great deal of their contact calls with talking which is advantageous to the owner and others.

A play stand should be used to keep the parrot close to you when possible. This can serve as a temporary substitute to keep the bird close to you and give it some kind of attention. The stand should be made of wood, easy to clean, and be located where the owner can keep a watchful eye on the parrot. If the parrot decides to leave the stand, the owner needs to put the parrot back on the stand until it becomes a habit for the bird. This might take a few tries before the bird understands to remain perched on the stand. The key is to be consistent and reward the bird when it is acting as it should.

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