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Crested Cream Legbar

The Cream Legbar chicken is a unique and popular breed known for its striking appearance, friendly disposition, and distinctive blue/green eggs. Developed in the early 20th century in Britain, the Cream Legbar is the result of careful crossbreeding between the Leghorn, Barred Plymouth Rock, and Araucana chickens. This breed was primarily created to produce a chicken with excellent egg-laying capabilities and appealing aesthetics.

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Physical Characteristics:
Cream Legbars are medium-sized birds with a relatively small, upright stance. They have a single comb and a crest of feathers on their heads, which can vary in size and shape. The breed's plumage displays a mix of cream, grey, and brown colours, often with noticeable barring on the feathers, particularly in the males. The hens typically weigh around 4-5 pounds (1.8-2.3 kg), while the males are slightly heavier, ranging from 5-6 pounds (2.3-2.7 kg).

Egg Production:
One of the most attractive qualities of the Cream Legbar is its egg-laying prowess. These chickens are known for being reliable layers of medium to large-sized eggs. What sets them apart is the color of the eggs they produce – a beautiful blue or green hue. This trait is inherited from the Araucana lineage, which carries the blue egg gene. The egg color can vary from hen to hen, and while not every egg will be blue or green, the breed's eggs are generally distinctive and eye-catching.

Cream Legbars are often praised for their friendly and docile nature. They tend to be relatively calm and can tolerate human interaction well, making them suitable for backyard flocks and families with children. Their approachable demeanour, combined with their aesthetic appeal, makes them a favourite among chicken enthusiasts and hobbyists.

Care and Management:
Like any breed of chicken, Cream Legbars require appropriate care and management to ensure their well-being. They need a suitable coop or housing that provides protection from predators, as well as access to clean water and nutritious feed. Regular health checks are important to detect any potential issues early. Providing enough space for them to roam, scratch, and dust bathe is also essential for their physical and mental health.

Breeding and Preservation:
Due to their relatively small population and unique characteristics, Cream Legbars are sometimes raised by breeders and poultry enthusiasts interested in preserving and improving the breed. Responsible breeding practices aim to maintain the breed's distinct appearance, egg colour, and temperament while avoiding inbreeding and genetic issues.

In conclusion, the Cream Legbar chicken is a captivating and delightful breed known for its striking appearance, friendly demeanour, and remarkable blue/green eggs. Whether you're an experienced poultry keeper or a beginner looking to add some charm to your backyard flock, the Cream Legbar's combination of beauty and functionality makes it a compelling choice.

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