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Coloured egg laying chickens

Live life in colour

One of our absolute favourite things about keeping various breeds of chickens is collecting a variety of different coloured eggs (rainbow eggs). Nothing says home grown eggs like a basket of multi coloured eggs. Fair warning - keeping chickens is addictive and once you've had your first hit you'll be seeking out more... There is no such thing as too many eggs and these coloured beauties make great personal gifts for family, friends, neighbours and teachers. 


French Wheaten Marans

The French Wheaten Marans are a classic looking chicken. Calm in nature, hardy and great foragers. They are alert and have good predator avoidance. They are not a cuddly chicken but will happily move about the yard and integrate well into mixed flocks. They lay a beautiful dark copper brown egg


Cream Legbars

Another wonderful back yard chicken. The Cream Legbar is a docile friendly back yard chicken. They are great foragers, hardy and blend into mixed flocks easily. They are have wonderful personalities and a fantastic choice for someone looking for their first flock. They lay beautiful soft blue eggs most of the year but can take a break during the winter months.


Olive Eggers 

Oliver Eggers are not a pure bred chicken but rather a hardy mix of brown and blue egg laying breeds that produce a spectrum of mint to olive coloured eggs. Every hen will lay their own special shade of green. Looks can vary in these birds as they are hybrids they don't have a "standard" look. 

Generally a very hardy breed that lays reasonably consistently throughout the year. They make great back yard pets and their green eggs complete the rainbow. 

Salmon Faverolles

If you are looking for personality plus in a chicken the faverolle is your bird. These cooky little characters a clumsy and chatty, often bumping into each other as they forage through the yard. They are docile and calm, making them great family pets. 

They lay a buff to pink coloured eggs (ours are more on the buff side). They have gorgeous fluffy faces and feet and just a joy to watch. Not a common breed but definitely a loveable one!

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Mixed Rainbow Dozen

This combo is perfect for the broody hen, and you want to expand your backyard flock. 

The Mixed Rainbow Dozen includes:

4 x Pure French Wheaten Maran Fertile Eggs

4 x Pure Cream Legbar Fertile Eggs

4 x Olive Egger Fertile Eggs 

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