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Cockatiels are among the most popular pet birds. Small parrots with a variety of color patterns and a crest, they are attractive as well as friendly and easy to tame. Because of their small sizecockatiel care and taming is easier than some other parrot species. They are capable of mimicking speech, although they can be difficult to understand. However, they are quite good at whistling and can often be taught to whistle tunes.

Lifespan: cockatiels regularly live 15-20 years with proper care (up to 30 reported). Colours: The wild type has a gray body with a yellow face and crest and orange cheek patch. The colors on the face are brighter and more vivid in the male, and the female has bars on the underside of the tail feathers. Color variations include albino, lutino, pied, pearl, cinnamon, and silver. The differences between males and females vary in the different colour variations and  can sometimes be hard to distinguish, especially in young birds. Reputation as a gentle and docile bird; often like to be petted and held. Males are thought to be better at mimicking speech and whistles.


Pairs of birds make good company for each other but usually will not bond as well with their owners or mimic speech or sounds. A single bird is fine, as long as you spend a significant amount of time interacting with the cockatiel on a daily basis. Playful and active, and while they vocalize and whistle they are not as loud as some other parrots.


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