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Chattering Lory 

These rare and endangered parrots are one of the eastern hemisphere’s most interesting birds. With their unique personality and an incredible, charming coloration, the Chattering Lory is among the most sought-after parrot breeds. Those of you who have a passion for exotic, colourful and temperamental parrots, will certainly find these lories up to your taste.


Their fun and energetic, often goofy behaviour, and affectionate tendencies will quickly charm you and in no time, you will fall in love with your colourful feathered friend. With a lifespan of up to 20 or more years, you can find a companion for a long time. The species has a charming and clownish nature that is always having fun, as it is an active pet bird. These birds often form strong bonds with their owners. Due to their high intelligence, they can be easily trained, and this makes them a perfect pet for both singles and families with older children.

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