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Cayuga Ducks

Our feathered family include Cayuga Ducks from champion bloodlines.  Our ducklings are available seasonally. If you would like to join the waitlist please contact us asap.  We also offer fertile eggs posted Australia wide if you have a broody chook or incubator and love to see these little black beauties hatch. Fertile eggs are only available in Spring. Cayugas appear black until the light hits them, then they show their beautiful green color. Their bills, shanks and feet are usually black. As Cayugas age they start to get white feathers, which can eventually take the place of most of their colored feathers, and their shanks and feet may take on an orange hue.


Cayugas also need protection from hot sun; shade must be provided when temperatures get high. They love to swim, so a wading pool is nice as long as the water is kept clean and the surrounding areas are not allowed to get muddy. Ducks can, however, live well when provided with nothing (no need for a dam or pond) but fresh drinking water; it must be deep enough to cover their bills so they can use it to clear their nostrils. Water needs to be replaced regularly. 

Well-kept Cayugas produce between 100 and 150 eggs per year. It is worth noting that the Australian Bloodlines do not lay black eggs. This is not an indication of their purity or fertility. The Australian Bloodlines recreated the breed and in this process the dark eggs were lost. 

Cayugas have a quiet, docile temperament. When they are hand raised, they make wonderful, tame pets. With quality care, they live 8 to 12 years. Cayugas are a welcome, colorful addition to any backyard flock.

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