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The Low Down 

Bantam Chickens

So, your dream is to own a lovely and lively flock of backyard chickens that will be a delight to watch and can provide you with your very own farm fresh eggs. However, you fear that your quite cosy urban backyard. Bantam chickens will still be a charming pet that will lay lots of lovely eggs, that are equally as nutritious and delicious as eggs from a regular sized chicken, just a little smaller- fun size, if you will.


Bantam Silver Laced Wyandotte

Wyandottes are spectacular, hardy birds that supply us with great backyard companionship and fresh eggs all year round. Wyandotte chickens are docile and friendly birds that make great backyard chickens. They love to free range and forage in an open area, however can tolerate confinement - so a mix of both run time and backyard roaming time will keep them satisfied and thriving in their environment.


Pekin Bantams

The Pekin bantam is reminiscent of a cuddly ball of feathers. You cannot go past this demure, docile bird if you fancy a pet for the children or a quiet breed for a tiny backyard. Pekins are quiet and friendly, they don’t wander or fly and so will be content with a small space and a 60cm high fence. They are docile and gently curious, allowing for a great bond to form between keeper and chicken. If it’s a huggable hen you are after - the Pekin bantam chicken is a great addition to your flock! 

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