Known for their beauty, intelligence, and excellent talking abilities, Alexandrine Parakeets have been popular as pets for centuries. Once reserved as pets for nobility and the elite, these birds are highly regarded by many as some of the best pet parrots available.


Alexandrine Parakeets, like many asiatic parrots, are a dimorphic bird species. Adult males display various hues of green all over their bodies, with a black and rose coloured ring around their necks.Females of the species display the same colouring, without the neck rings. Both males and females have a deep rose colored patch at the tops of their wings.


Like all parrot species, balanced nutrition is very important for pet Alexandrine Parakeets. Most pet Alexandrine Parakeets do well on a diet consisting of fresh vegetables, leafy greens,  grains, some healthy seed, tree nuts and a high quality commercially made formulated pelleted diet. Fresh vegetables are the cornerstone of a good diet for parrots. 


Alexandrine Parakeets are very active birds, and they need plenty of exercise to maintain their physical and emotional health. A large flight cage is preferable for these birds - they need plenty of space to be able to move around without damaging their long, beautiful tail feathers. A pet Alexandrine Parakeet should be allowed a minimum of 3 to 4 hours a day to stretch, play and exercise outside of its cage. This playtime should always be supervised in a safe, "bird-proof" area, as Alexandrines are very curious and can get into trouble if left to their own devices.

Owners of Alexandrine Parakeets recommend that they be provided with plenty of safe toys to play with and chew on. These intelligent birds get bored quickly, and if they tire of their own playthings, they will readily make their own toys out of your belongings, which can be hazardous to both the bird and your keepsakes!

These birds are highly intelligent and are known to be excellent talkers, making them very popular pets.

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