Globally parrots are one of the most threatened of all bird families. Their popularity as pets and tendency to roost and feed together in large groups has left them vulnerable to trapping. In addition the reliance of many species on large mature trees in which they roost, feed and nest makes them highly susceptible to forest loss. Rates of forest loss in parts of Africa are among the world’s highest

Some of Africa’s parrots have the dubious distinction of having been among the most traded of all bird species listed under CITES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Fauna and Flora). Africa’s lovebirds and species such as African grey and Senegal parrots are among the most popular of all pet birds. Many of us have been up close to these parrots in captivity and been enchanted by their personalities. They feature prominently in popular culture and are among the first birds that many children encounter in storybooks. Indeed, it was an African grey parrot that taught Dr. Doolittle how to talk to the animals!


Senegal Parrots

Chukar partridge alectoris chukar.jpg

Chukar Partridge

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