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Birds make fantastic companions, whether that be a friendly chirp and flutter to share the afternoon with or a conversation and a laugh at the end of the day. At Tail Feathers we have specifically selected species for the family home. Our birds are raised in our home in preparation for yours. 

Tail Feathers Brisbane has selected species that can be kept in the modern home, in suburbia.


Maybe you're looking for a companion bird but living in an apartment or just prefer a quieter feathered roommate, check out our parrotlets and cockatiels... want something more unique (maybe outgrown the budgie), then the Eclectus Parrot, Lorikeet, Alexandrine or Plum Headed Parrot is exactly that.


Looking for a Netflix buddy who won't ruin the ending, snuggle down with a conure or have a hilarious conversation with a Hahns Macaw (they are great talkers).   

Regardless of the time commitment you have for your bird we have a feathered child suitable for you. 

Sharing our feathered family with yours.

Purple-crowned Lorikeet chick - image 3.

Services & skills


It started 25 years ago with a budgie. With experience hand raising, rescuing, training and taming birds, this venture is a passion turned hobby. 

All birds are raised on top quality feed, fresh foods are fed daily and purified water free from toxins. Birds that are hand raised will not be sold prior to being fully weened. Birds breed seasonally, Tail Feathers Brisbane supports this natural process so most species are not available year round. If you would like to send us an expression of interest then we are more than happy to place you on a waiting list. It is a first in first served basis. 

Active members and part of General Management of Parrot Society Australia   &

                                                          The Pheasant and Waterfowl Society of Australia 


Whiteside Queensland 4503

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