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We sell a selection of hand raised, parent raised, fertile poultry eggs and poultry. We are private breeders who strive to provide great quality birds and service. Our birds are handled by adults of both sexes and children in the home environment. They are fed premium foods and housed in clean environments with enrichment and access to the beautiful outdoors. 

Our birds breed seasonally so we may not have what you are looking for available straight away, but we can provide you with some information as to when to expect the breeding season. This is however dependent on the birds themselves and factors outside of our control. 

We try to make sure every bird has a home prior to weening. This means that some birds are hand raised upon request. We do not hand raise all the young birds from our collection. If you are interested in a particular species please contact us to discuss further. 

We can provide unrelated pairs (or trios in poultry) for most of the birds in our collection. If this is something you are interested in please contact us so we can keep you updated throughout the season. 


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