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We are private breeders and a FAMILY! everything we do our children are involved with too. We have specifically selected birds that can be handled and comfortable with children. We both have an education background and a passion to share what we love and learn. We focus on quality not quantity, we are not a commercial or even a retail business. We are a family who loves what we do. This means we are selective when it comes to species and improving rare breeds. 

We love a project and a couple that we are working on are:​

  • Continuing to improve the Cayuga duck in Australia. Unfortunately do to poor breed management the average Cayuga now contains many faults such as, dull brown feathers, yellow bills and incorrect leg colour.

  • Blue Dark Brahma project. The Blue dark is our latest project and we are hoping that we will start breeding the first generation this year. A true blue dark is a steal blue penciling on a crisp silver background free from any red leakage, particularly in the boys. We would love to connect with others on this journey so we can work together to develop this further and learn more. 

Our birds breed seasonally so we may not have what you are looking for available straight away, but we can provide you with some information as to when to expect the breeding season. This is however dependent on the birds themselves and factors outside of our control. 

We generally only have pullets, cockerels, ducks and young birds towards the end of the year and early into the following, most breed during spring and are ready for their new homes in the summer. 

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Our Collection Includes

Yellow Crowned Amazons

Blue Fronted Amazons

White Bellied Caiques 

Rose Crown Conures

Black Capped Conures

Green Cheeked Conures 

Rainbow Lorikeet mutations

Purple Crowned lorikeets

Varied lorikeets

AVGEN Import line Brahmas 

Salmon Faverolles

Cream Legbars 

Araucana Chickens

Black / Blue Copper Marans 

French Wheaten Marans 

Olive Eggers

Belgian Barbu D'Anvers

Belgian Barbu D'Uccles


Chocolate Ancona Ducks 

Cayuga Ducks

Buff Orpington Ducks 

Super Food Feed Blends

Poultry Treats 

Feed Boosts and Essentials

Articles and Information

List of Awards 

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